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Amory B316

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POSTPONED: CRPR Seminar Series: Prof. Michael Carolan

Ethical eating as experienced by consumers and producers: When good food meets good farmers

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies seminar
Date4 March 2020
Time10:30 to 12:00
PlaceAmory B316

This seminar engages with two rich but largely disparate research traditions: one looks at ethical consumption, that is, constructions and contestations around good food, while the other interrogates the equally contested space of what it means to be a good farmer. The argument is informed by qualitative data collected from, on the one hand, those engaged in shaping urban food policy and institutional procurement plans in Denver, Colorado, and, on the other hand, rural Colorado farmers and ranchers who supply out-of-state markets. Given the growing appeal of locally sourced food from smaller scale producers utilizing certain so-called ethical management practices (resulting in, e.g. cage-free chickens, organic food, and grass-fed beef), the seminar asks, “how are particular markers of good food,” which I show to be commonly held in urban foodscapes, “understood by rural producers?,” and “how do these constructions play into their conceptions of what it means to be a good farmer?”.

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