Digital Humanities Seminar: Computational Approaches to Shakespeare, Then and Now

A Digital Humanities seminar
Speaker(s)Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds)
Date25 November 2020
Time15:30 to 16:30
PlaceThis event will be held online via Zoom.

Digital Humanities Lab seminar series. Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds). Co-hosted with Centre for Early Modern Studies.

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Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch is University Academic Fellow in Textual Studies and Digital Editing at the University of Leeds. He is a coordinating editor of Digital Renaissance Editions, co-editor of the journal Shakespeare, and a Trustee of the British Shakespeare Association. His book, Style, Computers, and Early Modern Drama: Beyond Authorship (2017, co-authored with Hugh Craig), brings together his research interests in early modern drama, computational stylistics, and literary history.


Scholars have counted things in Shakespeare long before the advent of the computer made the process more accurate, efficient and sophisticated. In this presentation, Brett Greatley-Hirsch situates computational analysis of Shakespeare's works within a longer history of quantitative literary study and offers a demonstration of PCA to explore patterns of language in Shakespeare's plays.

OrganizerUniversity of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab

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