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Student wellbeing and life outcomes: The roles of social identity and the university environment

Mood Disorders Centre Think Tank Seminar Series

A Mood Disorders Centre seminar
Date11 June 2021
Time12:00 to 13:00
PlaceOnline via the platform Zoom

Our guest speaker is Anesa Hosein of the University of Surrey


Currently, there is a lack of evidence and understanding about which groups of young people going to universities may have poorer life outcomes (such as education, employment, and mental health and wellbeing). The ESRC-funded ‘Student Wellbeing & Life Outcomes Project’ investigates whether these life outcomes vary based on individuals’ social identities (particularly the intersectionality of social characteristics) and the cultural, social and built environments of different universities. In this talk, we will discuss the secondary data analysis approach we are using in this project and provide some preliminary findings that may have implications for how to effectively support the wellbeing of students so they go on to achieve the best outcomes in life.
OrganizerMood Disorders Centre

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