Using theory in Medical Education Research and Scholarship

This seminar will be delivered via Zoom

A College of Medicine and Health Faculty Development seminar
Date2 December 2021
Time13:00 to 14:00
PlaceZoom meeting

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Sandra Nicholson is Professor of Medical Education and the Founding Dean at TCMS, University of Worcester. She has practised as a GP for over 30 years and has extensive experience of working at medical postgraduate and undergraduate levels with doctors, multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals, students and patients in primary and secondary care contexts. Elected as Chair of Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) in 2018 she has developed a strategic action plan that heralds ASME as a leader for UK medical education scholarship and research. Sandra has successfully published and has a personal track record of leading and being a co-applicant on both quantitative and qualitative research proposals attracting both internal and external funding through competitive bidding. She has supported the impact of medical educational research by engaging with policy holders as evidenced by her involvement with projects commissioned by the Medical Schools Council and has been invited to join the Advisory Board for the NIHR Incubator in Clinical Education Research. 


What do we mean by theory, and how can using a theoretical perspective or a conceptual framework improve the quality of our medical educational research?

Concerning this where are we with medical education scholarship in the UK? What can we learn from our international colleagues?

What theories have I used and why. There will be an opportunity for discussion and sharing of mistakes learnt and best practice.

Concluding with a summary of how Sandra sees medical education research and scholarship developing.

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