LEGO Serious Play

A College of Medicine and Health Faculty Development workshop
Date31 May 2022
Time12:30 to 14:00

Dr Caitlin Kight will provide a hands-on introduction to the LEGO Serious Play (LSP) technique. She will demonstrate the approach, talk about its pedagogical value, and discuss potential uses and modifications that help maximise its value in higher education contexts.

Caitlin is a former behavioural ecologist who specialised in the field of animal communication. As leader of the academic development and skills teams, she now blends the expertise from her previous work with experience in teaching, outreach, and management: She helps academics and support staff reflect on their education-facing activities and improve their teaching and learning techniques.

Participants will have an opportunity to sign up for more extended training, join the university’s LEGO Serious Play community of practice, learn about other LSP support available at the university, and take home their very own (free!) LEGO kit for future experimentation.


ProviderCollege of Medicine and Health Faculty Development

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