Green Futures: Positive Tipping Points in Practice: Social Movements

A Global Systems Institute seminar
Date1 November 2022
Time18:30 to 20:30

What are the positive tipping points for social movements in response to the climate crisis? How can we create and trigger them?

Social movements are a vital part of a fair and regenerative response to the climate crisis, but they can be hard to measure, understand and replicate.

The Transition movement has been growing since 2005, and is a fascinating example of a successful social movement. It has spread to thousands of groups in towns, villages, cities, universities, and schools in over 48 countries around the world.

But why has this social movement worked? What can others learn from the Transition movement? How can we better understand the potential for social movements to tip us into new systems?

Join this free workshop to find out, and hear the latest research into Positive Tipping Points, from world-leading experts. We will collectively practice using the Positive Tipping Points framework – creating the right conditions for change, finding reinforcing feedback loops, and triggering a shift into a new system – before identifying key next steps for anyone involved in social movements.

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OrganizerGreen Futures Network

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