Early Modern Futures Reading Group

A Centre for Early Modern Studies seminar
Date9 November 2022
PlaceOnline - Teams

The Early Modern Futures Reading Group was established in 2019 to discuss and address the issue of decolonising the university, and in particular what this means for scholars of the early modern period.

Each session uses an article, chapter or blog post as the basis for discussion as we work towards an understanding of anti-racism and decolonising, and consider what action to take within the research centre or our own disciplines. Early Modern Futures is now a regular part of the Centre for Early Modern Studies programme of termly events, and we have a ‘Team’ which allows us to keep track of readings, suggest new ones, and to share other resources and experiences. To become a member of the reading group and to be added to our Team, please email CEMS@exeter.ac.uk.

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