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Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course

Eight-week course in Exeter

An Exeter Medical School event
Date31 March - 29 May 2014
TimeEvent spans several days

The Mindfulness Network CIC will be running an eight-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction(MBSR) course in Exeter that is open to the general public. Venue to be announced.

The course, which is suitable for most people, will help participants gain an awareness of the thoughts, moods, emotions and bodily sensations that they are experiencing, particularly during times of stress, so that they can develop ways of responding that feel helpful. During the sessions, you will learn various mindfulness meditation practices as well as ways to bring mindfulness and awareness into the everyday activities of life. This will be supported by both dialogue in the sessions and by practising at home with the help of CDs of meditation practices and written handouts. You do not need a GP referral to attend.

The course will consist of an initial group orientation session followed by eight weeks of learning about mindfulness and mindfulness practices such as breathing and movement exercises. Up to 15 people can participate on the course.

The Exeter Mindfulness Network, based at the University of Exeter, and the Mindfulness Network CIC work closely together to fulfil the same aims. Our shared intention is to bring together researchers, mindfulness teachers and dharma teachers as well as health, education and social care professionals to develop and run a thoughtful and high quality programme around mindfulness that includes research, teaching and clinical activities.

The Exeter Mindfulness Network was co-founded by Professor Willem Kuyken and Alison Evans to coordinate this body of work. However, as the mindfulness programme grew, they decided to create the Mindfulness Network CIC in 2012. The Mindfulness Network CIC has now offers over many of the activities that lie outside the University's research and postgraduate programmes, including running professional training days, workshops and masterclasses, mindfulness-based classes for the public and external supervision.

For more information please visit www.exeter-mindfulness-network.org

ProviderExeter Medical School

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