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Veysey Lecture theatre

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What can Conversation Analysis do for you?: A Methodological Introduction

Qualitative Research Support Group Seminar

A Medicine seminar
Date5 February 2014
Time13:00 to 14:00
PlaceVeysey Lecture theatre

Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter EX2 4SG

Conversation analysis is a qualitative method that involves micro-analysing communication. As such, it can be used to analyse any kind of naturally occurring communication. It is increasingly used to understand medical interaction, with a growing body of research from e.g. paediatrics, primary care, oncology and psychiatry. This seminar will present a methodological introduction to conversation analysis and provide examples of different areas of application. We will allow time for enquiries about possible application in your area of research along with suitable research questions.

Professor Rose McCabe, Professor of Clinical Communication, University of Exeter Medical School

Prof McCabe's research focuses on understanding and linking processes with outcome in healthcare. She has used conversation analysis to micro-analyse communication in mental healthcare - where challenges can arise – and translated these findings into novel interventions to improve communication and patient outcomes.

For further information please contact: j.frost@exeter.ac.uk, Tel: 01392 722970

PLEASE NOTE: There is no visitor parking available at the Veysey Building. Full directions and parking details are available online.

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