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Veysey building

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Institute of Health Research Seminar

Institute of Health Research Seminar - Health Impact

An Exeter Medical School seminar
Date26 March 2014
Time12:30 to 13:30
PlaceVeysey building

Lecture Theatre, 1st Floor

A lunchtime seminar to help start the conversation about impact within the Institute of Health Research

‘Impact’ has become an important ‘buzz-word’ in the UK’s research sector. Both the funding of research, and its assessment is dominated by concerns about the potential value of the work to our society.

Everyone involved in research needs to understand more about this change in emphasis.
To help start the conversation about impact within the IHR we have arranged a lunchtime seminar for the whole department.

The speakers will be Professors Paul Dieppe and Chris Hyde, and there will be plenty of time for comments and discussion

Please note that access is only via Salmon Pool Lane, to the rear of the University of Plymouth site.

For further information please contact: l.k.watson@exeter.ac.uk

Parking outside Veysey is restricted to University of Exeter permit holders (the car park is patrolled on a regular basis by parking wardens) and is extremely limited. Where possible, please consider alternative options when planning your visit.

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