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Veysey Lecture theatre

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Qualitative Research Support Group Seminar

Qualitative Research Support Group Seminar 7 deadly sins of health research synthesis

An Exeter Medical School seminar
Date12 May 2014
Time13:00 to 14:00
PlaceVeysey Lecture theatre

Speaker: Dr Mila Petrova Research Associate, Cambridge Institute of Public HealthUniversity of Cambridge. Around the 20th anniversary of Evidence Based Medicine stock-taking debates of it have intensified. This presentation will contribute to these by discussing Dr Mila Petrova's "7 deadly sins of research synthesis. It is a pocket edition of her PhD, which explored transformations of evidence during data extraction.

The 7 sins are varied but all of them stem from the field’s lack of self-awareness. As a single example, there are over 30 well documented ‘alternative’ synthesis methods. This lack of self-awareness is mostly a consequence of researchers’ specialisation. Occasionally, it has a nuance of self-deception.
Dr Mila Petrova aims to normalise concerns you may have about how you do your reviews and brush some dust of boredom off an important and intriguing scientific undertaking
Dr Mila Petrova's background is in Psychology (BA, MA) and Philosophy (MA and most recently PhD at Exeter University, with Prof. John Dupré and Dr Susan Kelly). Most of my health research experience is from Warwick Medical School, where I worked on projects in end of life care, health-related values, objective methods for search filter design, and organisational change in primary care. My current study is on patient data sharing.
For further information please contact: j.frost@exeter.ac.uk Tel: 01392 722970.


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