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Veysey 005

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Peninsula Systematic Review (PenSR) discussion group meeting

Operational Research and Systematic Reviews: Chalk and cheese or fish and chips?

An Exeter Medical School meeting
Date20 January 2015
PlaceVeysey 005

The meeting will be held in 005 (ground floor) Veysey Building (Salmon Pool Lane) in Exeter, with video-links to AHC FF16 in Plymouth, Portland Square C403 in Plymouth, and ECEHH F083 in Truro

Dr Tom Monks (Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton) will run a workshop on ‘Operational Research and Systematic Reviews: Chalk and cheese or fish and chips?’ (postponed from October).

The workshop will provide an introduction to operational research (OR) modelling in healthcare and the type of data required to populate models.  Opening material will present OR modelling case studies and highlight the benefits, challenges and limitations of using systematic reviews (SR) and meta-analyses to inform the modelling.  This for example will highlight the benefits of using operational research to improve the chances that research is implemented in practice.  Workshop participants will be involved in some group work to explore the potential application of OR and SRs in their own work.


ProviderExeter Medical School

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