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Queens Building LT6.1

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Medical practitioners in early modern England, Ireland and Wales

Centre for Medical History and Centre for Early Modern Studies seminar series

A Centre for Medical History seminar
Date9 December 2015
Time16:00 to 18:00
PlaceQueens Building LT6.1

The Medical World of Early Modern England, Ireland and Wales c.1500 - 1715: Prof. Jonathan Barry; Dr. Peter Elmer; Dr Alun Withey (University of Exeter)

A session surveying this research project, which gathers biographical information on early modern medical practitioners between 1500 and 1715. The team will present work that explores what it meant to be a medical practitioner in the early modern period, and looks at how practitioners’ work affected the culture, politics, and society of England, Ireland, and Wales at the time, illustrating their presentation with specific case-studies.

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