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Baring Court 220

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PenCHORD Training: Module one: Introduction to Excel-based Modelling in Health and Social Care

An Exeter Medical School workshop
Date9 March 2016
Time10:00 to 17:00
PlaceBaring Court 220

MODULE 1 – Introduction to Excel-based Modelling in Health and Social Care

This is a full day module that introduces the concept of modelling, its potential and limitations, and guides participants through a hands-on practical session to build a simple model of an outpatient clinic.  Participants are then introduced to concepts such as “what if” analysis, in which models are reconfigured to predict the impact of different real world scenarios and the importance of considering variability in systems.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the concept of modelling, the broad range of applications of models and their limitations
Explain the potential role of models for decision making in health and social care
Develop and test a simple decision model in MS Excel
Understand how to use a simple Excel-based model for “what-if” analysis
Appreciate the importance of capturing variability when modelling systems


ProviderExeter Medical School

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