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EMS Building G18

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Deep Learning: a Revolution in Artificial Intelligence that will Transform Biomedical Research and Healthcare

An Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science seminar
Date1 February 2017
Time15:00 to 16:00
PlaceEMS Building G18

Speaker: Dr Joel Tabak-Sznajder (UEMS)


Deep learning is the technology behind recent achievements by companies such as Google, Facebook, IBM. These achievements include automatic image captioning, lip reading, language translation, or beating the strongest human players at the strategy game Go. Computers can now outperform humans in a multitude tasks for which they were vastly inferior to humans just 10 years ago. Deep learning describes a class of algorithms that use large volumes of data to “learn” how to perform a task. Fuelled by the overwhelming amount of biomedical data available from high throughput sequencing, high density imaging, etc, deep learning is starting a revolution in healthcare, promising to provide better and faster diagnostic and treatment.


This talk will be a tutorial about deep learning and will present several example applications to healthcare. It will tell you why deep learning could be useful to your research or your patients.

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