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Byrne House

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BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Medical Interpretingunder a Sociological Lens

University of Exeter: EGENIS, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Department, Medical School.

An Egenis, the Centre for the Study of Life Sciences workshop
Date10 May 2017
PlaceByrne House

Medical interpreting within the NHS is provided in connection with the principle of equality of access to health services. For sociology, however, medical interpreting is still a marginal topic. Although sociological methods of data collection are used, a proper and fully developed sociological framework is still lacking. The centrality of medical interpreting to sociological concerns is due to the marginal and voiceless actors involved in this practice (basically migrants as patients, and migrants as interpreters). In the post-Brexit context, medical interpreting has been reinterpreted as an expensive privilege. The service is under the pressure of social policies, and more academic attention could empower the actors and contribute to creative methodologies.


This workshop will analyse from sociological and interdisciplinary perspectives the specificity of medical interpreting and the academic relevance of the field. Invited are speakers from an interdisciplinary field, from psychology, sociology and medicine, with relevant research about and with medical interpreters, or with expertise in medical sociology on specific methodological issues. The workshop will be an excellent occasion to open new possibilities for academic collaborations.

Delegate rates:

BSA Member Registration £10; Non-Member Registration £25. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Please specify dietary requirements or accessibility needs at the time of booking. Available places at this event are limited to 30 people.

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ProviderEgenis, the Centre for the Study of Life Sciences

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