Exeter Clinical Trials Unit Seminar: Trial Forge, PRECIS-2 and how to design an efficient trial.

An Institute of Health Research seminar
Date25 April 2017
Time16:00 to 17:00
PlaceRILD Lecture Theatre, Barrack Rd, Exeter

Speaker: Prof Shaun Treweek, Professor of Health Services Research, University of Aberdeen.


Shaun is a professor and joined the Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen in 2013 via a meandering path to health services research.  He trained as a physicist and then did a bioengineering PhD involving lasers, blood and bits of skin.  Then came health informatics, amputee rehabilitation and a move to Oslo, followed by eight years at the University of Dundee and for the last three years there was Assistant Director of the Tayside Clinical Trials Unit.

He is working on initiatives to improve the efficiency of trials, particularly around recruitment and retention and the effective presentation of research evidence.  He leads an initiative called Trial Forge (http://www.trialforge.org) that aims to be more systematic about how we generate and use research evidence in making trial design, conduct, analysis and reporting decisions. He is an active researcher in pragmatic trial design, the design and pre-trial testing of complex interventions and of interventions designed to improve recruitment to trials.


For more information please follow the link http://precis-2.org/



Enquiries to Sarah Dean (S.Dean@exeter.ac.uk) or Jo Jacob (J.Jacob@exeter.ac.uk)

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