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Building:One Syndicate Room C

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The South West Partnership for Environment and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP): An Overview

Find out about the NERC-funded SWEEP Project from Prof. Ian Bateman.

The Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) seminar
Date2 May 2017
PlaceBuilding:One Syndicate Room C

SWEEP is one of only two awards made under the new NERC Environmental Science Impact Programme. Funded for £5million from 2017-22, SWEEP seeks to use NERC and related research to generate economic and/or social improvements in the South West while also enhancing the natural capital of the region. Uniting the University of Exeter, Plymouth University and Plymouth Marine Labs, the programme only started in February 2017 but has already brought together over 40 businesses and policy decision makers who have contributed a further £11m in co-funding. The talk will provide an overview of the aims and early content of the SWEEP programme. Prof. Ian Bateman will talk for approximately 20 minutes, after there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

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