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Forum Seminar Room 01

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CWSS Seminar: Bob Moore on "Everyday Rescue: Sheltering Jews in Occupied Western Europe"

A Centre for the Study of War, State and Society seminar
Date31 January 2018
Time16:30 to 18:00
PlaceForum Seminar Room 01

The Centre welcomes Professor Bob Moore (Sheffield) to speak on "Everyday Rescue: The Diary of Arnold Douwes and the Realities of Sheltering Jews in Occupied Western Europe".


Arnold Douwes, an itinerant Dutch gardener, became the leader of one of the most successful rescue networks in Western Europe. What makes him unique is that he kept a makeshift diary of his day-to-day work and experiences, providing a remarkable insight into a role that has often been misrepresented in Holocaust historiography.

Intended audienceAll welcome.
Registration informationNo registration required.
OrganizerDr Gemma Clark

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