IHR Seminar: We can see the forest, but where are the trees? Methods to bridge diversity and meta-analysis

An Institute of Health Research seminar
Date24 January 2018
Time10:00 to 11:00
PlaceWK Norman Seminar Room, St Luke’s Campus

Speaker: G J Melendez Torres, Cardiff University


How do we account for diversity of interventions in synthesising evidence for their effectiveness?

What are the analytic opportunities this heterogeneity presents? Starting from the perspective that heterogeneity, both clinical and statistical, is an opportunity rather than a nuisance. GJ will present work undertaken with collaborators to develop methods for synthesising evidence within broad classes of interventions. These methods include intervention components analysis, qualitative comparative analysis and network metaanalysis, and suggest how multiple reviews can be brought together to understand heterogeneity. 

Together, these methods offer new insights into which interventions are more likely to be effective than others

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