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Rock, Paper, Scissors - When Microbes Play Games

Exhibition at the ESI Creative Exchange

An Environment and Sustainability Institute exhibition
Date6 - 25 June 2018
PlaceEnvironment and Sustainability Institute

From 4 to 25 June there will be a new exhibition at the ESI Creative Exchange. ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors – When microbes play games’

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors – When microbes play games’ is a graphic novel telling the toils and hardships of a cunning little virus triumphing over its enemies with the help of a valiant knight. It illustrates the intense struggles between viruses of bacteria and their bacterial hosts. The graphic novel is currently being developed in collaboration between Orlando Serpe (third year Fine Art BA, Falmouth University) and Mariann Landsberger (postdoctoral researcher, University of Exeter).

ProviderEnvironment and Sustainability Institute

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