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Amory A128

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Ian J. Kidd (Nottingham): 'Pathophobia, Vices, and the Awfulness of Illness'

2019 Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series

A Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series lecture
Date31 May 2019
PlaceAmory A128

Pretalk - Harrison Building 209

15.30 - 16.30 Pretalk - Harrison 209
Introductory material for undergraduates and graduate students

17.30 - 19.30 Seminar - Amory A128
All welcome


This talk introduces the concept of pathophobia - a term to capture the variety of morally objectionable forms of treatment to which ill persons are typically subjected. I argue that such awful treatment can be usefully analysed into five clusters of pathophobic vices and illustrate these using examples from illness narratives. Philosophical analysis of these vices helps us to identify potential corrective strategies which can involve changes at the individual and structural levels. I'll end by drawing on some of David Benatar's remarks to sketch out some connections between pathophobia and misanthropy.

ProviderRoyal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series
OrganizerAdrian Currie and Andrea Raimondi

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