Exeter University Club - Talk by Steve Aves on 'Yeast in Science'

An Alumni and supporters event
Date13 January 2020
Time14:00 to 15:15
PlaceCowick Barton, 121 Cowick Lane, Exeter EX2 9HF

Steve Aves, formerly Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Exeter, has for many years performed yeast research, working on cell division, genome sequencing and biofuel production. In this talk he will give a flavour of why yeast have proved so useful in science.

At least seven Nobel prizes have been awarded in the last two decades for scientific breakthroughs discovered using yeast. Yeast studies were central to the foundation of disciplines as diverse as biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and genomics.


If you would like to come to the talk, please contact Susie Hewitt by 6 January. Members are also welcome to meet there from 12 noon for lunch. 

Please visit the Exeter University Club - Exeter Branch website for more information.

ProviderAlumni and supporters

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