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Peter Chalk Centre 2.1

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Understanding and forecasting biological responses to climate change

LEEP seminar series

A Research Services seminar
Date11 February 2020
PlacePeter Chalk Centre 2.1

Dr Ilya Maclean - Associate Professor of Global Change Biology from the University's Environment and Sustainability Institute will present his research at February's LEEP seminar.

ABSTRACT: Despite considerable effort, biologists remains uncertain as to how, when and why species and ecosystems respond to climate change. A major cause of this uncertainty is a traditional reliance on correlative methods. However, responses to climate change are often delayed, sometimes abrupt, and almost always governed by complex processes and feedbacks that do not lend themselves to being studied using correlative approaches. Dr Maclean will showcase recent advances in bottom-up mechanistic approaches. These interdisciplinary approaches, which bridge physics, remote-sensing, micrometeorology, earth system dynamics and crop science are designed to differentiate between causal drivers of responses to environmental change and to quantify the feedbacks between processes that delay or accelerate change. He will demonstrate how such approaches can be applied to understand and forecast the response of wild species and agricultural crops to climate change and to inform policy and practise. 

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