Professor Eric Paterson.

University to host engineering expert

Issues from tidal renewable energy to the workings of the human heart will be on the agenda for research collaboration when the University of Exeter hosts a leading engineering expert from the USA.

Dr Eric Paterson has been selected to receive a Royal Academy of Engineering Distinguished Visiting Fellowship for 2011 which will see him spend several weeks working with staff at the university’s College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

He is a Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering and is Chief Scientist of the Computational Mechanics Division at the Applied Research Laboratory, based at The Pennsylvania State University.

Dr Paterson's research focuses on fluid dynamics, taking in subjects as diverse as  explosives detection to submarine hydrodynamics. He will be hosted at the University by Dr. Gavin Tabor, who shares several of Dr. Paterson’s major research interests.

Dr Tabor said: “For the university to receive this prestigious award is a great honour. We will capitalise on this by collaborating on several projects of mutual interest, such as looking at tidal turbines, and the hydrodynamics of blood flow to the brain.

“Through this visiting fellowship we can share knowledge and expertise. Hopefully we can make progress on some key areas of research.”
Dr Paterson will visit Exeter twice over the course of 2011, with the first visit for two weeks in March.

The Royal Academy of Engineering is Britain’s national academy for engineering and works to promote excellence in all disciplines of engineering.

The Distinguished Visiting Fellowship program allows a UK university to host a fellow from an overseas academic centre in order to strengthen UK engineering and foster international collaborations.

Date: 7 February 2011

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