Sabrina Borgatti

British Council selects Exeter student to represent UK education in China

A politics student from the University of Exeter has been selected by the British Council to be an ambassador for UK education in China at a special forum promoting the benefits of international experience.

Sabrina Borgatti was successful in winning one of eight places available to UK students in what was an extremely tough competition.

After an initial screening of applications, a panel of judges composed of leaders in business, education and government from Beijing selected Sabrina for showing a high level of understanding of the issues surrounding international education and demonstrating both a broad range of ideas and strong arguments.  

Sabrina and the other winners will be flown to Beijing to participate in a week-long event where the British Council China is hosting a UK-China Student Forum from 6-10 May. The Forum provides a platform for students to actively engage in the issues surrounding the internationalisation of education. It aims to further raise awareness of the increasing significance of student mobility and the benefits of international experience.  

One full day will be dedicated to discussion between UK and Chinese students, in which they will voice their ideas in front of a panel of education and industry experts and a student audience at Peking University.

Ms Jazreel Goh, Director Education Marketing, British Council China commented, “We are really pleased to be inviting some of the most globally astute students from the UK to Beijing to discuss with their Chinese counterparts the issues directly affecting their education. We hope this will be a lively discussion that will allow students to voice their opinion on the future of international education.”

The Student Forum forms part of the British Council’s new Generation UK campaign that aims to encourage more students from the UK to pursue international opportunities in China, either through academic studies or work placements. 

Sabrina recently had an internship with the UK Parliament, and is excited at the prospect of going to China as a representative for UK students. She said: “It is an honour to be selected and to have the opportunity to share my own experiences as a student at the University of Exeter. As someone who has never been to China this will be a great way to experience a new culture and contribute to the discussion on international education. Whilst there, I expect to gain a taste of student life and education in China and compare it to my own experiences. I am looking forward to participating in the Forum and discussing the importance and impact of international education in a globalised world.”

Dr Alison Harcourt, a senior lecturer in Politics and one of Sabrina’s module convenors, added: “Sabrina is a confident speaker and an enthusiastic researcher who clearly understands the importance of international exchange for living and working in an increasing culturally diverse world.”

Professor Andrew Massey, Head of Politics at the University of Exeter said: “The Department of Politics at Exeter is very proud of Sabrina and delighted she has been selected to be an ambassador for UK education in this way. We are sure she will carry out her duties with great charm and diligence and be a credit to the University and to the UK’s Higher Education.”

Date: 5 May 2013

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