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£3,300 charity donations make a real difference

Staff at the University raised an impressive £3,306 for charity by completing their Employee Engagement Survey last November.  73% of colleagues gave their feedback in the survey, and the University donated £1 each time a survey was completed.  The following charities received donations – read on to find out what a difference our donations made.

Children’s Hospice South West  £1,142
Josh Allan, community fundraiser at CHSW’s Little Bridge House hospice in Devon said: “It costs £3.4 million each year to run Little Bridge House and these costs are met almost entirely from voluntary donations. We could not continue to offer our care to children with life-limiting conditions without the incredible support from our local community and we cannot thank you enough for your kind donation.” Our donation could help to fund the hospice food bill for two weeks.

Cancer Research UK  £1,085
Cancer Research UK fund scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer and find kinder treatments. They also provide cancer information to the public. Rachel Turner, Local Fundraising Manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “Every donation made will help save lives by funding research to accelerate the charity’s progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.”

“This includes the CanTest team, led by Professor Willie Hamilton, from the University of Exeter, who works with researchers in three UK sites and across the globe, on a five year project that will help GPs to detect cancers in a primary care setting and reduce the burden of referrals.”

Devon Wildlife Trust   £620
Steve Hussey, Devon Wildlife Trust said: ‘We’re delighted at the generosity of staff from the University of Exeter. Your donations will go to support our work with the first population of breeding beavers in England for 400 years. It’s a pioneering project and we’re proud to be leading it.’

Balloons young people bereavement support   £459
Our donation will pay for Balloons to train a Grief Support Worker who will then go on to work with approximately 10 children and young people on a one-to-one basis per year.

The Employee Engagement Survey takes place every two years; this was the first survey that included charity fundraising. Colleagues voted to select the four charities from a longlist in October 2016 and could choose where their £1 donation went when completing their survey.

The survey findings have led to actions being taken at a local level in Colleges and Services, as well as in University-wide topic based groups.  We will be sharing examples of action that is underway and improvements that have been made in coming months.

Date: 11 August 2017

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