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Exeter students raise more than £136,000 through Movember challenges

Students from the University of Exeter have raised more than £136,000 for charity through a series of hair-raising challenges and events.

Hundreds of students from across the University have been taking part in a host of tasks to raise funds for the annual ‘Movember’ challenge – which raises money and awareness around men’s mental health and cancer.

The University’s fundraising efforts have been led by four Exeter Movember ambassadors, and have been supported by students from the Athletics Union (AU) and across the wider university community.

The AU clubs have played a prominent role in the fundraising, with members taking part in various physical and virtual challenges. The Men's Cricket, Rugby and Football clubs all made it into the the top 10 teams across the country for their respective fundraising efforts.

Some examples of their challenges include the Athletics Club are aiming to run 359 miles as a club over the course of one day – a poignant number as it represents the number of average suicides per month in the UK last year.

Elsewhere, the Tennis Club paired people up for a running challenge and are seeing who can cover the most distance in 48 hours, while there have also been countless examples of people either shaving their heads or growing facial hair to raise funds.

Ben Hart, AU President at the University of Exeter said: “Many of the clubs are doing some really great things and I can’t speak highly enough of those individuals and all that they’re doing for this great cause.

“Movember is so important to me because the way people come together and raise money as part of a team or a club embodies how we all have a role to play in widening the conversations around mental health, prostate and testicular cancer, and generally working as a team to achieve tangible, lasting change.

“I believe that we are all doing our utmost to breakdown the stigma around mental health within the University community and to encourage people to speak up about how they’re feeling, and also to check in on their friends and family.

“The total that we have raised so far is phenomenal. I think it shows just how selfless and passionate our students are about helping others and as the objective for Movember says, changing the face of men’s health.  “

Mike Shore-Nye, Registrar at the University of Exeter added: “It is a magnificent achievement from everyone involved to raise such a significant amount of money for this worthwhile cause.

“To see so many groups and individuals participate shows not only the sense of community and togetherness amongst Exeter students, but also a commitment to spending their time and energy to help others.

“The more than £136,000 raised through the Movember scheme will offer vital support and help to those in need, and we are extremely proud of the efforts and commitment of everyone involved.”

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Date: 20 November 2020

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