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Sian Docksey - Credit Steve Cross

Comedy and academia collide in a special Arts and Culture online event

Inspired by research taking place at the University’s Sexual Knowledge Unit, stand-up comedian Siân Docksey and Dr Ina Linge from the University of Exeter’s Department of Modern Languages and Cultures have been collaborating on a series of special online events which explore what queerness in nature can tell us about ourselves, as part of their Arts and Culture, Creative Fellowship.

Using a rich mix of performances, informal discussion, games and hangout space, these events have helped make new connections and offered a space to exchange ideas and create community across disciplines.

For the third event in the series, they’re asking audiences to help them resolve the greatest debate of modern times: what’s the deal with gay frogs? Comedians, academics and even a special guest appearance from gay frogs themselves unpack the cultural significance of these green queens who hopped from queer icons to an alt-right meme.

The line-up of speakers includes Dr Hannah Boast, specialist on ‘Ecofeminism to Alt-Right: Gay Frogs, Xenoestrogens and Contemporary Environmental Culture’ from University College Dublin as well as critically acclaimed comedy duo Dragprov Revue, with more guests to be announced soon.

Siân and Ina said: “We’ve learned from our previous salons that mixing surreal comedy elements with interesting talks creates a completely unique experience - it's been great to be able take all of that knowledge forward and produce our next show! We really hope you can join us for what we know will be a great evening.’

The Sex and Nature Salon: What’s the deal with gay frogs? will be hosted by Arts and Culture, University of Exeter via Zoom on Wednesday 10th February 2021. This event is interactive and will include the use of breakout rooms on Zoom for fun, playful audience challenges on the theme but if you would rather not take part in these sessions, you can also enjoy the event via a live YouTube stream. You will be e-mailed links to both upon signing-up so the choice is yours.

You can find out more about their Creative Fellowship ‘The Politics of Sexual Nature’ here.

The event is free and open to researchers, students, artists and those who are curious. Places are however limited so please do book in advance. Register here:

Date: 21 January 2021

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