All the money raised in November 2020 went to support Movember, which raises awareness of men’s mental and physical health.

Students’ fundraising efforts leads to Movember award

The University of Exeter is to receive an award for its students’ outstanding efforts in raising £200,000 for the recent Movember campaign.

The award also brings with it membership of an elite platinum group, which recognises the fundraising efforts made in a single campaign for the charity. All the money raised in November 2020 went to support Movember, which raises awareness of men’s mental and physical health.

In a letter to the University, Anne-Cécile Berthier, Movember’s Country Director UK and Europe, said:

“In a year of hardship and uncertainty, acutely felt by students, the Exeter student body demonstrated unbelievable moral fibre and determination, raising vital funds and awareness for key men’s health issues.”

More than 1,200 students and a number of societies took part in a variety of fundraising initiatives. £150,000 of the total was raised by members of the Athletics Union through a range of sponsored events, including 60 km runs, walks and cycle rides. Four students, Andrew Dainton, Josh Dhillon, Jamie Drewe and Charlie Fernandes were mentioned by Movember for their work spearheading the campaign.

“We are incredibly proud of our students and the amount they have raised in the midst of the pandemic,” said Professor Lisa Roberts, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Exeter.

“Not only have they raised funds to support Movember but in doing so have shone a spotlight on issues surrounding men’s mental and physical health, which is vitally important. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere congratulations and thanks to all the students involved.”

The awareness events which took place included a Mental Health Jenga session with sports Club Captains, encouraging them to reflect on their own experiences of mental health, both personally and within their clubs and the University community.

“The total raised shows just how selfless and passionate our students are about helping others and as the tagline for Movember says, ‘changing the face of men’s health’,” said Ben Hart, President of the Athletics Union.

“The recognition we have received is fitting praise for the hundreds of students who contributed to this exceptional achievement. Everyone who took part can proudly claim that they belong to the UK's leading University for mental health awareness.”

Students first raised funds for Movember back in 2016, when 62 of them took part and raised £4000 for the worthy cause.

The work of the students was captured last November for the University’s Exeplore podcast and you can discover the two podcasts here.  

Date: 3 March 2021

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