Dan Bass

Exeter alumnus to help restore natural ecosystems as part of pioneering internship

A University of Exeter graduate will help restore natural ecosystems as part of a “rewilding” internship.

Dan Bass, who recently graduated in geography from the University of Exeter, has been selected for a graduate internship at ecological consultancy Ecosulis.

The internship will allow young people to use their skills, energy and desire to advance nature recovery in the UK and beyond.

Rewilding involves enhancing wild nature and natural processes to create healthier, more functional ecosystems – and the practice is gaining support from people and organisations across the UK.

Dan, 23, will join Swansea University graduate Ella Milne, 24, in receiving the UK’s first rewilding graduate internship programme, in recognition and celebration of World Rewilding Day, which takes place for the first time on March 20, 2021.

"I became hooked on rewilding seven years ago, after I read George Monbiot's 'Feral'," said Dan.

"I can't wait to continue my own personal rewilding journey in this new position."

While many ecosystems are currently in poor health, rewilding offers hope for recovery.

With the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration taking place on June 5, both of the Ecosulis graduate interns have high hopes and expectations.

"In the UK it would be fantastic to see nature recovery increasingly well supported in post-Brexit policy, and to see the government really incorporate rewilding into land-use strategies,” adds Dan.

"We need big picture, long-term thinking in conservation, and we also need to step back and allow nature to take the lead in its own healing.

“Rewilding must be economically viable and politically supported if we are to scale it up effectively and ensure it can deliver the benefits we need.”

As a founder member of the Global Rewilding Alliance (which organises World Rewilding Day), Ecosulis has dedicated itself to nature recovery for many years and is committed to driving the rewilding movement forwards.

"At Ecosulis we believe that investing in youth is one of the most important ways of taking rewilding to the next level," said Cain Blythe, Ecosulis Managing Director.

"And this year is a great time to begin that investment, as we look ahead to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and redouble efforts to scale up rewilding as a means of addressing our climate and ecological emergencies and building back better after Covid-19."

"Rewilding delivers so many benefits for people and wildlife – from carbon drawdown and cleaner water to enhanced wellbeing and thriving nature-based economies based on experiential recreation," says Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead Dr Paul Jepson.

"With our talented graduate interns on board, Ecosulis is better placed than ever to help create new land economy based on ecosystem restoration."    

Date: 17 March 2021

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