University of Exeter graduates Sajid Javid and James Brokenshire given new Cabinet posts

University of Exeter graduates Sajid Javid and James Brokenshire given new Cabinet posts

University of Exeter graduates – the MPs Sajid Javid and James Brokenshire - have been given key roles in a cabinet reshuffle.

Mr Javid, who studied economics and politics, is now Home Secretary, while Mr Brokenshire, who studied law, is Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Mr Javid MP attended state schools before graduating from the University of Exeter in 1991. During his time as a student Mr Javid was elected as the First Year Representative to the Guild of Students Council. In an interview with the University of Exeter’s alumni magazine he said: “It was the first time I fought for votes and convinced people to back me. I learnt valuable lessons then which I still use today.”

Professor Rob Freathy Associate Dean for Education at the University of Exeter’s College of Social Sciences and International Studies, said: “Our courses are innovative and designed to help people become researchers, thinkers, and enablers. As we can see from the careers of James and Sajid, and many other graduates, they give people real world experience and intellectual challenge so they can go on to succeed in high profile roles.”

Professor John Maloney, from the University of Exeter Business School, remembers watching the 1992 General Election results with Mr Javid and his friends, fellow students Tim Montgomerie, now a political commentator and Robert Halfon, now a Conservative MP.

“I remember how delighted Sajid was by the result, as the Conservative Party hadn’t been expected to win,” Professor Maloney said.

“My recollection was that this was at Tim’s student house, and they asked me to watch the results with them. They were all prominent members of the University’s Conservative Society at the time and all extremely bright students. It has been good to follow the success of this group of students, and I would like to congratulate Sajid on his appointment as Home Secretary.”

Mr Brokenshire, who graduated in 1990, has said: “I certainly recall with much fondness my time studying law at Exeter. I graduated in 1990 and my experiences prepared me well for my subsequent career as a corporate lawyer and partner of a major City law firm before the move to politics. The odd thing was that I actively avoided the company law courses, opting for subjects like Public International Law and Revenue Law, having convinced myself that I really wouldn't enjoy studying about companies -- how wrong could I be as later experience would show me.

“Outside of poring over the All England Law Reports in the law library and note taking during lectures in the Amory Building, most of my leisure time was spent producing and presenting programmes on the University radio. I'm still on the radio from time to time, albeit on a slightly different footing, although it is a little strange being interviewed by some of the people I used to broadcast with!”

Date: 1 May 2018

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