Q. What are the term dates?

A. The term dates for the academic year 2013/14 are as follows. Please bear in mind that for some programmes the dates of required attendance may vary.

  • Autumn Term: Monday 23 September – Friday 13 December
                           28 October – 1 November: Week 6
  • Spring Term: Monday 6 January - Friday 28 March
  • Summer Term: Monday 28 April - Friday 14 June
                           2 - 6 June Grand Challenges 

Q. What are the dates of Freshers' Week?

A. Monday 16 September - Sunday 21 September 2013.

Q. When can I move into/my accommodation?

A. Please see the accommodation website for more information on specific halls of residence.

Q. I have a question that isn’t answered here. Where can I find more answers?

A. Further frequently asked questions about your accommodation can be found in the Accommodation FAQs. If we have not answered your question here, please use the ‘Useful Contacts’ link to locate the relevant staff member to contact with your query so that we can help you.

After you've arrived

Q. Do most social events at university involve alcohol?

A. No. At the University of Exeter for example there are over 140 societies and 50 sports clubs that you can join at the Exeter campuses and around 80 societies and sports clubs at the Penryn Campus. Each year over 9,000 of our students join at least one society or club making it one of the best ways to meet people and make friends on campus. Each society is run solely for the benefit of its members, by the students themselves. And if you have a particular interest you can set up your own society! You will also have the support of your students’ union to help you find out about these opportunities and here at Exeter we are proud to have an award-winning Students' Guild who in 2010 won the National Union of Students (NUS) Student Union of the Year Award.

Q. Where do I find more information about my course (timetable, reading list, etc.)?

A. More information about your course can be reached by visiting the Freshers' pages for your College.

Q. What do I do if I feel unwell and it's impacting on my studies?

A. It's a good idea to talk to someone as soon as you feel this may become a problem.  Don't leave it too late!  As well as your personal tutor there are a variety of support services available to you.  Services such as the Health Centre, AccessAbility and Wellbeing will be able to talk through a number of options available to you, you will never need to deal with anything alone. Get in contact with someone whenever you need any help - you may also find the useful contacts page comes in handy.

Q. Do you have half term or Reading Week?

A. We do not have a half term or Reading Week in term 1. Instead our Week 6 (28 October – 1 November) offers a programme of activities for you to engage with the academic community at Exeter. For more information on that and Grand Challenges click here.