We provide a variety of support services for students on campus

The University of Exeter provides childcare options for students with the Family Centre at the Streatham campus and the Woodlane Nursery at the Cornwall Campus.

Additional student support


FXU, the Students' Union, provides a voice for the students of Falmouth University and University of Exeter, Penryn Campus. FXU organises events throughout the year, facilitates community action, sporting involvement and provides welfare assistance. The elected Sabbatical Presidents and Executive Officers represent the student body at all levels.

All registered students at the Penryn Campus are automatically members of both FXU and the Exeter based Students' Guild. You can affect the way both are run by voting at meetings and elections. For information about FXU and its services, see www.fxu.org.uk For more information on the Students' Guild, see www.exeter.ac.uk/guild

FXU Advice Service

The FXU Advice Service offers free, confidential, impartial information and advice on housing, childcare, money, student funding, benefits, academic matters and anything else you are having an issue with. The Advice Service is based in the Annexe, opposite the Stannary/Refectory. There is an appointment system – you can book an appointment at the FXU office or by phone on 01326 370447 alternatively you can email the service at advice@fxu.org.uk University of Exeter students can also book and attend appointments at Falmouth University’s Woodlane Campus, which is located near the centre of Falmouth.  To book an appointment with an FXU Advisor at the Woodlane Campus (in the Library Building), phone 01326 213742.

Students' Guild

At our campuses in Exeter, the Students’ Guild (Exeter’s Students’ Union) is central to student life and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading students’ unions. The Guild is a dynamic, innovative and award-winning organisation, existing to represent all the diverse students of the University of Exeter. The Guild is a member-led organisation, which means all our students have a say in the running of the Guild and it often sets national records for turnout in students’ union elections. Through Guild representation, the broad range of services and exceptional activities, we are confident that you’ll have the best possible university experience at Exeter.

Support for postgraduates

In addition to the sports clubs, the Guild supports 165 societies and postgraduates are actively involved in many of these. The dedicated society for postgraduates, The Postgraduate Society is affiliated with the National Postgraduate Committee. Run by a committee of students, the Society can help you make the most of your time at Exeter.

Postgraduate Administration Office

The Postgraduate Administration Team is responsible for managing the data and progression for research students from initial registration to graduation.  We offer advice on:

  • University Regulations
  • Codes of Practice
  • Statements of Procedures
  • Annual Research Student Monitoring
  • Thesis/dissertation submission and examination
  • Award and graduation
  • Research Council rules and regulations

Visit your Postgraduate Administration Office in your College for specific advice related to your course.  Alternatively you can contact the Student Information Desk Advisors in the Student Services Centre or by emailing sid@exeter.ac.uk  

Support for families

The Family Centre on the Streatham campus provides care and education for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Apply early as places are in demand – phone 01392 725416 or visit www.exeter.ac.uk/staff/services/family. General information for student parents is available from the Guild’s Advice Unit.

Harassment and bullying support

Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and the University’s Network of Harassment Advisors can provide support on a confidential and informal basis to any student experiencing harassment or bullying.

For more information about the Harassment Advisor Network and for contact details of the Advisors see www.exeter.ac.uk/equality/harassment

Interrupting or withdrawing from your studies

Occasionally a student needs to interrupt their studies or even withdraw completely. If you’re considering either option, you should consult your tutor/supervisor and the Student Guild Advice Unit or FXU Advisors before making any decisions.

If you are interrupting or withdrawing on grounds of emotional or mental health, please make contact with a member of the Wellbeing team (Exeter campuses: 01392 724381 3880; Penryn Campus: 01326 370460).  Similarly if you are interrupting or withdrawing on grounds of a disability, please contact an AccessAbility adviser (Exeter campuses 01392 263880; Penryn Campus: 01326 370460) prior to making your final decision as support may be available to you.

There may be financial consequences, so you should also take advice from the University of Exeter Finance Office. International students must also contact the International Student Support Office in the Student Services Centre (Exeter) or the International Student Advisor in the Peter Lanyon Building (Cornwall) for advice on immigration implications.