Our students

We want our exceptional students to thrive in a space with a rich source of inspiration, benefitting from programmes informed by our research, and using approaches and facilities that reflect the latest education practice including flexible, small group teaching supported by digital technology.

Co-located with state of the art teaching facilities, the building will provide extensive study spaces for individual and group study in a variety of different formats, alongside catering facilities and self-service areas to enable students to feel they are at the heart of a world class research institution.

Supporting education

  • New spaces within the building will further demonstrate Exeter’s commitment to enhancing the student experience. They will provide state of the art, flexible and digitally enabled teaching facilities for our undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • In the same way that the Forum signalled a step change in student experience, this project will create a flagship building that will extend the University’s ability to provide a world leading student experience.

The building will also create an exciting focal point for our postgraduate students to build a cohesive and collaborative community alongside participation in doctoral training centres.

Ultimately, this is going to be a space that is creative and allows our educators to use their imagination to think about ways they can use new technologies to transform student experience. Alongside that we are going to put learning spaces into the heart of the building. We are going to distribute them throughout the building to promote collaborative group work and independent study in ways which really place our students at the heart of the academic community.

Professor Tim Quine
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)