Why Project North Park?

Project North Park will create the space to enable Exeter to take the lead in international research collaboration, provide a high quality education and student experience, and facilitate the hosting of local and global events.

Growing world class research

The University is ambitious in growing world class research that will enhance teaching and have global impact.

The new building will provide the space to establish new research institutes and provide cutting edge facilities that will put Exeter on the map as a leading specialist in global research.

The space will allow a diverse range of academics to co-locate so they can collaborate to solve some of humankind’s greatest challenges. This includes providing space to allow a fluid network of internal and external partners, such as other Universities or Industrial Partners, to work together and co-create solutions.

The building will bring a unique fusion and broaden the potential impact of Exeter’s research to make the University a leader in the sector. This will create opportunities for the University to gain future research funding, as well as provide highly attractive opportunities for external partners to collaborate with the University.

All of this will ensure that Exeter is at the forefront of future advances and engaged in global conversations that will help to shape the way the world evolves.

Providing a world-class teaching experience

Project North Park will enable the University to deliver a vision of future teaching at Exeter by providing the space for flexible, digitally enabled, research-inspired teaching.

Facilities in the new building will be designed to support the introduction of interactive and flexible styles of teaching including blending online and face to face learning, and will deliver more opportunities for experimental learning using scenarios and project work. The building will be designed and equipped to support the future direction of teaching at Exeter in line with the EdTech programme.

Increasing learning space

Due to its successful reputation, the University has grown significantly over the last 10 years, and is due to grow further over the next five years. It is recognised that to maintain its high quality of student experience, further capacity on the Streatham campus is required to support future student growth.

Streatham campus is largely orientated around the Forum building which provides a 'beating heart to the campus', housing core student facilities such as the library, careers services, Students' Guild, teaching facilities and shops. With the development of new student residences at East Park there is an opportunity to rebalance the campus and provide an alternative focal point which houses outstanding facilities.

Increasing the postgraduate research student population

We recognise the important contribution that our postgraduates make to creating a vibrant research community, and we want to ensure that  this community is strongly represented in a building that supports innovation, co-creation and collaboration across research and teaching.

The University needs to continue to develop ground breaking research and enhance the student experience to stay competitive in the Higher Education market.

The new facility will support the University’s future long term success as a UK top 10 university, and a global 100 leader.

The building will provide a state of the art venue for local, national and international events.

The space is being designed to maximise the potential of the space to host conferences, learning events and art and cultural activities. The building will open up the campus to the local community and beyond to put Exeter on the map as the destination of choice in the South West.