Dr Angela Gallego-Sala (left)

Delivering an internationally excellent education

Dr Angela Gallego-Sala, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Being a student at Exeter means far more than attending lectures and writing essays. Here, students are encouraged to engage with research, immerse themselves in our diverse community, and become a full part of the University’s rich research environment, through which they can gain the skills to become the problem-solvers of the world.

Dr Angela Gallego-Sala, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, creates a supportive atmosphere in which students are able to shape their own educational experience. An example of this was when Alex, one of Angela’s undergraduate students, undertook extensive laboratory and fieldwork at Kentra Bay, Scotland, to complete his dissertation. His work was exceptionally good, so Angela collaborated with him to perform more analysis, putting into practice the skills he had learned during his studies.

Their findings were robust, and Alex was encouraged to write a scientific article, which subsequently appeared in one of Nature’s publications, Scientific Report, and also attracted media interest. Combining his own proactive attitude with Angela’s support, Alex was encouraged to pursue a career in academia, and has since secured funding to study a PhD at Exeter. As part of his next step, he and Angela will be travelling to Bird Island with the
British Antarctic Survey. Bird Island sits within the British Antarctic Territories, and is one of the few wildernesses remaining on Earth. Our dedicated colleagues, top-class facilities, and commitment to delivering an internationally excellent education has seen Alex start here as an Undergraduate and go on to become an intrepid explorer of the British Antarctic Territory.