Christina Walton

Christina Walton at the Teaching Awards

Delivering an internationally excellent education

Christina Walton, Lecturer in property law

Bringing our subjects to life, enabling students to engage in world-leading research, and encouraging students to become active and independent learners are all hallmarks of the Exeter educational experience.

For Christina Walton, Lecturer in Property Law, delivering an internationally exceptional educational experience means: providing the right style of teaching at the right time; being accessible; and enabling every student to engage with pioneering, cutting-edge research. Voted “Best Lecturer” by students in the 2016 Guild and FXU Teaching Awards, Christina’s approach to learning and teaching means she gets to know her students on a personal basis, finding out about each individual’s academic strengths and weaknesses through hosting workshops, keeping an open-door policy, being responsive to emails, and simply being on-hand for a chat in the corridor.

A key aspect of her students’ educational journey is their exposure to world-class research, as part of their everyday learning. Through initiatives such as Research Uncovered, Christina’s students are inspired to embrace our vibrant research culture, exploring current research alongside their learning and collaborating with experts to become part of the academic dialogue at Exeter. For Christina, it’s all about her students developing their own views and solutions so they are equipped both for employment and to tackle the challenges of the future.