James Hutchinson

Making the most of our resources

James Hutchinson, Director of Transformation

In order to respond to the changing Higher Education climate, we need to adapt so we can continue to deliver a world-class research and teaching.  James Hutchinson, Director of Transformation, has overseen the University’s ambitious Transformation programme, a key theme of which is to become financially sustainable and invest in new activities that will grow and diversify our income. James and his team have handled proposals from colleagues and external partners, exploring how we collaborate to create new opportunities. 

Two recent proposals have seen brand new courses developed in our Medical School. The Extreme Medicine Masters programme, saw the creation of a “world first”, in which our external partners invest to offer a unique teaching experience that enables our students to work with the world’s leading provider of specialist training for medics in challenging environments.  A second course, Genomic Medicine MSc, has been developed using £800,000 of external funding, and will see students study genomics and informatics of rare and common diseases, cancer and other infectious diseases, enhancing knowledge and skills in this new, exciting and ever-evolving field. 

For us, this not only means additional income from students wanting a unique learning experience, but it also equips our graduates with life-changing, sought-after skills and cements our place as a top global university.