‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Exeter Retirement Benefits Scheme (ERBS) - closed

The ERBS scheme closed on 30 November 2016. For information on the new scheme please see the webpages for the University of Exeter Retirement Savings Scheme

Preserved benefits

Your membership of the ERBS scheme ceased on the 30 November 2016 when the scheme closed. Benefits you had in the scheme at that date were preserved for you and a statement of benefits would have been provided by the pension scheme administrators BBS. If you have any questions about the benefits please contact BBS direct via: 

Early retirement in ERBS

The normal date of retirement for members of ERBS is age 65. You can draw your pension benefits from age 65 in full, without seeking permission from the Trustees of the Scheme.

Under Government legislation you can apply to receive pension benefits from age 55 onwards, payment of these will be subject to permission from the Trustees of the scheme.

Further information

For further information, including how to contact the administrators, BBS, please see the following Factsheets:

Factsheet A - General Scheme Information

Factsheet B - Benefits of deferred members

Factsheet C - Death Benefits

Factsheet D - Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Factsheet E - State Pension Benefits and Contracting-out

Factsheet F - Disputes and Complaints

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens to my benefits in the ERBS scheme? 

These benefits will be frozen for you in the old arrangement, each member will get a statement of the benefits that are in this scheme, it is anticipated that these statements will be sent out during February and March and will contain full details of the benefits that you have accumulated up to the 30th November 2016.

Trustee board

View the ERBS member nominated trustee director results