At a glance guide to January 2015 joint proposal for reform of USS

Employer contribution  18% (currently 16%)
 Defined Benefit section
Final Salary Members 

Final salary accruals would cease as at 31 March 2016.

Benefits built up before this date will be protected.

Their value would be calculated using the existing definition of pensionable salary and service as at 31 March 2016.

Salary link for past service  Increased annually by CPI
Future benefit design  CRB (Career Revalued Benefits)
Date of implementation of changes  1 April 2016
Pension accrual rate  1/75ths (currently 1/80th)
Lump sum accrual rate  3/75ths (currently 3/80th)
CRB salary threshold  £55,000
Indexation of CRB benefits  Annually by CPI
Increases in salary threshold  Annually by CPI
Employee contribution 8% (currently 7.5% for members of the Final Salary Section and 6.5% for members of the CRB Section)
 Defined Contribution section
Employee contribution  8% on salary above the threshold of £55,000 salary
Matched contributions 

Voluntary 1% from employee matched by employer, both above and below the threshold