EPSRC Industrial Doctorate Centre in Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE)

The IDCORE partnership is an arrangement between the University of Exeter’s College of Engineering Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and the Universities of Edinburgh and Strathclyde, supported by the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS) and HR-Wallingford.

The collaboration jointly delivers and supervises the  EngD IDCORE programme in Offshore Renewable Energy. An EngD is a four year research degree awarded for industrially relevant research. The degree provides a more vocationally oriented approach to obtaining a doctorate in engineering.

Students benefit from postgraduate-level technical and transferable skills training at three leading UK universities in the renewable energy research field together with the Scottish Association for Marine Science and HR-Wallingford.

The degree, which is co-supervised and awarded by all partner universities, starts with research training in Edinburgh followed by an industrial placement.

Full information on the programme and funding available can be found on the IDCORE pages