MSc Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology

Biosciences in Cornwall

Undertaken from the Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC), Biosciences at our Cornwall Campus provides an excellent study experience to enable students and staff to meet their full potential. The location is ideally suited to our programmes which emphasise field biology. In addition, CEC staff have a broad knowledge base in the whole range of conservation, and ecology and evolutionary issues.

Research is almost exclusively organismal, with particular emphasis on social mammals, birds, turtles and insects. We also specialise in modelling animal behaviour and species interactions and see this as essential and complementary to our whole approach. The other area of emphasis, underpinning much of our work, is quantitative genetics; fundamental to the evolutionary process and to conservation biology.

In addition, postgraduates on the Cornwall Campus will benefit from the establishment of the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), due for completion in 2012. The ESI is a £30 million interdisciplinary centre leading cutting-edge research into the consequences of environmental change and the mitigation and management of its effects.

The University of Exeter Cornwall Campus is an amazing place to study. Its beautiful coastal surroundings, combined with the integration of the University College Falmouth and the exceptionally qualified and welcoming staff, lend a character to the learning environment that is truly unique.
Wayne Rostant, MSc Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology, 2008-09

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