How much will it cost?

There are essentially three separate costs to studying for a postgraduate degree: Tuition fees + Accommodation + Living costs.

Tuition fees

Many postgraduate programmes at Exeter follow a standard fee pattern, which can be viewed on our general postgraduate fees page, together with information about whether you will pay UK/EU or International fees. However, each programme's tuition fees are detailed in full under the Finance tab on each programme page, so we advise you to refer to the relevant programme page for the exact rate you will be charged as there is some variation. 

Tuition fee deposits

If you apply for a full-time taught postgraduate programme, when you receive an offer you will need to pay a tuition fee deposit to confirm your place. Find out more on our tuition fee deposits page.

Scholarships and funding opportunities

In order to help pay for the cost of postgraduate study, some students may find they are eligible to apply for one of the many funding awards available. In the last few years we have made available hundreds of PhD funding awards in addition to awards for Masters students. Please see our funding page for ways to pay for your postgraduate studies, whether through Masters scholarships, PhD studentships or alternative sources of funding.


Accommodation costs will vary depending on whether you live in private or University-owned accommodation. More details regarding accommodation, including costs, are available on our accommodation page.

Living costs

Living costs are, to some extent, up to you. You will need to make choices about how you live and what your priorities are, but make sure you factor in:

  • food and toiletries
  • clothes and laundry
  • telephone charges
  • Visa fees (for international students)
  • Council Tax (part-time students are eligible to pay)
  • travel costs, particularly if you want to visit home in vacations
  • books and course materials
  • leisure, sport and entertainment
  • sundries, such as haircuts, prescriptions etc

The National Union of Students estimates living costs outside London to be approximately £12,000 per year, including accommodation. This figure is given as a guide only; depending on your priorities and how you budget it could vary significantly in either direction.

You might find the Student Calculator useful in planning your budget; it also has an international version.

Student Information Desk support

Student finance is different for everyone, and can be complicated. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Student Information Desk (SID)