Business School World Class Scholarships

About the award

A limited number of full and partial tuition fee scholarships will be awarded to the most talented students who have had an application accepted to one of the Business School MSc programmes.

The scholarships are competitive and require you to have the equivalent of a 2:1 UK degree (or above) and an English language level of IELTS 7.0 with no section less than 6.0, or equivalent, if from a non-anglophone country. You must submit an application form with a 1500 word essay.

All scholarship awards are conditional on payment of the tuition fee deposit as specified in your offer letter and registration with the University of Exeter. You will need your Exeter student number to submit your application.

Scholarships are not awarded in conjunction with other scholarships – in the event of you being eligible for more than one award the greater award will be given.

By applying for this Scholarship you are agreeing to your personal details being shared with Panel members, unless you tell us otherwise.

Please note this Scholarship is not available for MRes programmes of study.

Essay Titles

Management programmes

MSc Management, MSc Human Resource Management, MSc International Human Resource Management
• What you consider to be The Most Challenging Aspects of Today’s Global Business Environment

MSc Marketing
• What you consider to be Key Challenges Faced by Marketers in Today’s Global Business Environment

MSc International Tourism Management
• What you consider to be The Key Challenges for Global Tourism Management in 2020

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
• What you consider makes a Successful New Venture

MSc International Business
• What you consider to be The Most Challenging Aspects of Today’s Global Business Environment

MSc Business Analytics
• What you consider to be The Key Opportunities Arising from Use of Data and Analytics in Business

Finance and Accounting programmes

MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management, MSc Finance and Investment, MSc Finance and Management, MSc Finance and Marketing
• Assume that you are a fund manager of a well-diversified global equity and bond portfolio. Outline how your fund could be affected, and how you might adjust your portfolio in response to:
EITHER The winding down of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank
OR The impact of Fintech on asset and wealth management.

MSc Accounting and Taxation
• Assume you are the leader of a European country which is facing a number of challenges, such as rising inequality, demographic changes, wage stagnation, and increased pressure on the welfare state causing large cuts to the public services. Outline how you would address these issues through the tax code.

MSc Accounting and Finance
• What you consider to be The Role of Accounts, Accounting and Accountability in the Brexit Debate

Economics programmes

MSc Economics, MSc Economics and Econometrics, MSc Behavioural Economics and Finance, MSc Financial Economics, MSc Money, Banking and Finance
• Should the State provide every citizen an unconditional minimum guaranteed level of income?

MSc Financial Technology (FinTech)
• What you consider to be The Role of Government in Re-inventing Financial Services

Essay Guidance

  • Please state the essay title and your Exeter student ID number at the top of your work.
  • The essay should flow well with a clear introduction, body and conclusion. You should demonstrate an ability to not only pull together relevant information but also to analyse it critically and independently.
  • You need to ensure that where possible the points you make are backed up by relevant literature. We would expect you to use a wide source of references including journals, books and websites. References must appear in a consistent format, such as APA, throughout the essay text and bibliography. Click here to access a guide on APA style prepared by UCOL.
  • Your essay will be checked for plagiarism; the writing must be your own. Please ensure that any quotations are clearly marked and correctly referenced.
  • Word count (1500) excludes: essay title, the reference list, and any figures. All other words are counted.



How to apply

Please complete the application form here.

The closing date for this scholarship is 31 March 2020.   Applicants will be notified of the outcome no later than the 31 May 2020.


Application deadline:31st March 2020
Value:Full and Partial Fees
Duration of award:for 1 year
Contact: Gillian Coley, Student Recruitment and Admissions Co-ordinator