Art History and Visual Culture

  • Leading academics in the fields of Art History and Visual Culture
  • A diverse range of research specialisms
  • Working in partnership with world-leading cultural institutions
  • Internationally-recognised fine art, heritage and film collections on site

The MPhil/PhD in Art History and Visual Culture at Exeter provides the opportunity for you to study an exciting interdisciplinary initiative which incorporates a number of established subject areas, including art history and cultural studies. It will particularly appeal to you if you have a background or interest in the history of art, cinema, cultural history, philosophy, sociology, visual culture, and if you are keen to understand the importance of images and artefacts in our lives.

The programme at Exeter draws on established, internationally recognised research activity and top-quality research-led teaching. Art History and Visual Culture is supported by colleagues from across the Humanities disciplines with research interests in Visual Culture and we offer PhD supervision on a range of topics; from the old masters to contemporary practitioners, from the traditional arts to new media and technologies and from elite production to popular culture.

The interdisciplinary nature of the course means that you will have the opportunity to conduct cross-disciplinary research in collaboration with other relevant fields of study.

Beyond the University we have good relations with UK museums and galleries, as well as academic and research institutions internationally, attracting research students from all over the world and many cultural backgrounds. There are frequent public seminars and a lecture series which features distinguished scholars and public figures in related fields from the UK, Europe and throughout the world.

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