Preparing a research proposal

As part of your formal application for PhD study, potential students are asked to write an outline of the research they would hope to undertake as a PhD student. This is normally best completed in consultation with a member of staff interested in supervising your work and should outline the general topic area, particular questions you wish to address, and the methods you propose to use to answer these questions. However, acceptance of an application for the MPhil/PhD programme is contingent on the availability of appropriate supervision. Thus, potential applicants may wish to contact several potential supervisors in the process of preparing an application. Research in Psychology is organised into four research groups:

The research interests of members of academic staff may be examined by browsing the above pages or their individual staff profiles.

Read further advice for PhD applicants, which give tips on how to put together a successful research degree application.

You may also be interested in our online learning resource 'Considering a UK PhD?', which provides lots of helpful advice and information from staff and students about the PhD experience at the University of Exeter.

Further information

You are very welcome to visit the department and talk to potential research supervisors and meet one of our current students. If you would like to do this please contact the Graduate Research Team with a selection of possible dates, your research interests, and any members of staff you would particularly like to meet.

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