MSc Bioarchaeology: Forensic Anthropology

This exacting field of enquiry combines the skill sets of biological anthropologists, archaeologists, pathologists and forensic scientists to facilitate the recovery, identification and analysis of human remains to assist with problems and questions of legal significance. You will learn how to establish the age-at-death, biological sex, ancestry and stature of human remains along with other traits to help identify deceased individuals. You will also develop an understanding of the techniques used to determine the manner and/or cause of death and the mode of deposition and/or disposal. You will also learn how to record and present your findings in a manner that meets the requirements of legal proceedings.

You will also be taught how to distinguish human from animal remains and have the opportunity to study Funerary Osteoarchaeology. We have a laboratory dedicated to the study of anatomical variation and palaeopathological conditions in human and animal bones, designated stores for our substantial collection of human remains, a wide range of anatomical specimens and casts, demographic reference standards and specialist osteometric equipment.