MSc Conservation and Biodiversity

“I have really enjoyed the diversity of people on campus, and the passion of the lecturers and how excited they are about their topics!

Dr Tomas Chaigneau teaches Transdisciplinary Methods and brings so much passion into the classroom. He also talks about how methods can be applied to real-life contexts and how he uses them in his research.

My favourite module is statistics, although it was very challenging at first!

The lecturers are all really helpful and accessible and the course content is interesting and applicable to my future career. I’m so excited about going to Kenya for the field trip!

When I first arrived in Cornwall it was very overwhelming. The Penryn Campus is very different to where I come from in the Maldives, but I love it now and couldn’t recommend it enough. The campus is very beautiful, and a fantastic place to study!

When I graduate, I want to be involved in the policy field and am considering further study in research.”