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It has taken just over a decade to establish the University of Exeter Business School as one of the UK’s leading centres of business education and research. We have achieved this by striving to be the best we can be, bringing together inspirational and internationally-respected business teachers from around the world in an environment that combines historical and intellectual heritage with modern facilities.

The University of Exeter has been teaching business-related undergraduate degree programmes since 1955 and masters programmes since 1973 so we have a long track record in providing business education.

In September 2013 we were delighted to be awarded EQUIS accreditation, the world’s leading business school accreditation, for the first time – placing us in the top 1% of business schools globally. We intend to seek further accreditations, at both school and individual programme levels, to ensure that our programmes continue to be relevant to the needs of the business world and enhance student employability.

Postgraduate taught programmes

MSc Accounting and Finance 12 months Yes
MSc Accounting and Taxation 12 months FT
24 months PT
ProgrammesDuration Dissertation 
MSc International Management 9 or 12 months 12 month only
MSc Marketing 12 months Yes 
MSc Human Resource Management 1 12 months FT
30 months PT
MRes Global Political Economy 12 months FT
24 months PT
MSc International Supply Chain Management 2 12 months Yes 
MSc Information Technology Management for Business 2 12 months Yes 
MSc International Tourism Management 12 months Yes 
MRes Management 12 months Yes
MBA - The Exeter MBA 12 months FT
30 months PT
Yes 3

1. Also available as a Diploma programme.
2. CEMPS is the lead college for these programmes.
3. Research Dissertation or Sustainability Consulting Project

MRes Economics 12 months Yes
MSc Economics 12 months Yes
MSc Economics and Econometrics 12 months  Yes 
MSc Behavioural Economics and Finance 12 months  Yes 
MSc Financial Economics 12 months  Yes 
MSc Money and Banking 12 months  Yes
MSc Accounting and Finance 1 12 months Yes
MSc Finance and Investment 9 or 12 months 12 month only
MSc Finance and Management 9 or 12 months 12 month only
MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management 12 months  Yes 
MSc Financial Mathematics 2
9 months  No 
MSc Finance and Marketing 9 months  No 
MSc Financial Economics 3 12 months Yes
MSc Money and Banking 3 12 months Yes

1. This programme is run by the Accounting Department.
2. CEMPS is the lead college for this programme.
3. These programmes are run by the Economics Department.

Whether you have an interest in accounting , finance, economics, business, management, marketing, human resources or tourism, or a combination of these, you are bound to find a postgraduate programme at Exeter that suits your interests, strengths and ambitions.

Our aim, ultimately, is to prepare you for business life armed with the knowledge, experience and qualifications you need so you are as well placed as possible to pursue the avenues that interest you.

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